To get more% of responses from customers, we use several tools for making calls - two IP telephony.Both telephony systems are integrated with our CRM system for simplified work with leads, and for increasing the efficiency of employees.With manual sets with CPM, it is possible to use click2call, namely, by simply pressing a button, the call is made via CPM.

Also, to increase the efficiency of calling the bases, we have dialer. Automatic program for calling. You no longer need to dial the numbers for hours to hear on the other end, "Hello, I'm listening to you ...", the dialer will do it for you. After the automatic dialing of numbers, the dialer will provide you with customers who have picked up the phone. Therefore, you immediately receive a live call.We also use alternative telephony, and customize it for your office, to improve the quality of dialing, better communication with the client.

RealTime dashboard

You can also use real-time statistics to track and analyze various indicators: the number of calls, minutes, etc.If necessary, you can always listen to the call in real time or download the recording.

Alternative communication methods

Also, we provide alternative communication methods. At the moment, it is an opportunity to make calls via Skype and use the popular instant messenger WhatsApp for communication.

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